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React Native Environment Setup

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React Native Environment Setup for all three apps (customer, vendor, delivery)

For install React Native environment use this link below.

It will help you install and build your first Example React Native app.

Use this plugin for Rename project, change Bundle Identifier and Packagename .

Installing Node Modules

Open terminal and go to project folder and run following command

or you can use Yarn

iOS Setup (Mac OS Only)

Follow above link React Native CLI Quickstart -> macOS -> iOS

we are using node v14.17.4

Running Simulator

Run the following command if you have installed node modules from the previous command.

You can setup CocoaPods by following command.

After installation of all dependencies back to the previous folder

Now run this command

Android Setup (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)

You need to Change Android SDK Path

Go to
1. File -> project Structure into Project Structure
2. Left -> SDK Location

SDK location select Android SDK location


Running Emulator

To check the Android device is ready or not run following command from your terminal

Please make sure you use the correct Android SDK path. You can find the actual location of the SDK in the Android Studio “Preferences” dialog, under Appearance & Behavior → System Settings → Android SDK.

If you have the device listed you can run the following command.

Now we have set up the React Native environment. We need to connect our app with WooCommerce website.

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