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Checkout Settings

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a) Checkout Type

In checkout types, there are three further options available.

  1. Default: by selecting this option, you allow the web view of checkout. This checkout option appears in your app.
  2. Virtual: This checkout option is meant for those businesses that deal in virtual or intangible products that cannot be shipped physically, rather just downloaded. For instance, digital products, Pdf files, books, etc. In this checkout style, only the billing detail page appears and not the shipping detail page.
  3. Screen in App: in this checkout type, a separate order page is created right within the app where billing and shipping details are entered and stored.

b) Guest Checkout.

By enabling this option, you allow a random visitor to place the order without properly registering.

c) Custom CSS for Checkout Page.

This custom CSS allows you to change/modify your checkout page options right in the manner you like.

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