In the recent past, there have been a lot of discussions on what exact framework is really beneficial in terms of security and ease of use. Among the rest of the contemporaries, there has been a massive response for specifically . This is regarded as a very famous and highly incredible PHP framework that renders a number of advantages to the developers and terms of not security alone but on a number of other aspects as well. Here in this article, we are briefly going to explore some of these advantages that make it a hot choice among pragmatic developers.

According to statistics, there are more or less around 30,000 developers using this specific framework for developmental purposes. The very core reason is that this allows numerous applications to be built quickly as compared to other frameworks and additionally the maintenance afterward is also very handy for the developers. Basically the source code for Laravel is hosted on GitHub and is distributed under an open-source license. So it is easily available for anyone to use without any fees to be paid. Initially, this was introduced as a beta version in 2011. Afterward, there have been massive improvements and the developers have constantly worked on fixing the glitches that were mainly faced by the developers. Ever since then there have been very beneficial additions too that have escalated the interest of general developers like database seeding, scheduling and a couple of more major features.

When the third version of this platform was introduced, it came with an entirely new concept carrying a command-line interface that was named as Artisan which is mapped to subcommands. It simplifies the process of building and managing Laravel based apps. There are scores of pre-added features that prevent hours long developmental fatigue for the developers. This is why they deem more inclined towards this platform as this aids in building more apps with a lot more features in a very short period of time.

Basic things like form validation and user authentication are built into Laravel. So this implies that these are not supposed to be rebuilt every time prior to every new task. The code is apparently simple, easy to read and understand. This further fascinates to the developers. So in cases where the original code was developed by someone else, this becomes pretty easy for them to understand what is happening through the code. Testing is also integrated into the Laravel framework So the hectic task of writing testing procedures is also reduced to the max.

Recent additions to this splendid platform included Scout which allows full-text searches to be performed that are not possible in all its contemporaries. Another major reason is the thriving community of its developers where the entire community v keeps planning meetups all around the world and they stay connected with each other to share and overcome the underlying issues. There is literally a plethora of documentation easily available online that allows the developers to comprehend the framework in its true letter and spirit. In the recent past, we have seen developers doing a lot of work in eCommerce themes creation through this framework.