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General Settings

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This section allow you put all detail of you store including your general settings, inquery Email, order Email, orders andour info.

Below here you can get the link of store settings.

Web app environment. Select maintenance when some maintenance work is going on to the website, otherwise select live when all the desired changes have been made.

Maintenance text. Choose the text that you want to be displayed to the visitor while maintenance work is going on.

Website link. Place here your website link.

App name. Mention here your app’s name.

New product duration. Select here the duration or number of days for which you want some certain product to remain in new product section i.e 20 30 etc.

Google maps api.

This is the link to find out your Google map APPContact us email. The customer would contact you through this email.

Order email. All the customers willing to make an order would send an email to this email address.

Free shipping on min order price. Set the minimum amount of order at which free shipping would be offered.

Our info. Enter here all your business related details. This info would be shown to your customers.

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