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Product Categories

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The categories section allows you to create categories for your eCommerce store. For instance, if you run a clothing store, you may need to add categories like Men’s Clothing, Women, Kids etc

Go to Catalog -> Product Categories

Categories Listing page Link

  1. By clicking on “Plus Icon”, you can add your defined category.
  2. Assign here the name that you want for the subcategory i.e, jeans, shoes, scarf etc.
  3. Add the category description in this section
  4. In parent category you can assign a main category and add a subcategory to it.
  5. Slug:
  6. In category media you can add images related to category.
  7. In the category icon you can add icons related to the category..
  8.  Click on submit and you will be done with a new category addition.
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