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General Settings

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If you want to show the “cancel order” button, select show. While you can also hide it by applying the “hide” option.

From here you can set a certain time duration, prior to which the buyer can cancel the order. For instance, the 8 Hours option implies that order could be cancelled at least 8 hours prior to the agreed delivery time.

This allows you to choose any of Home Screen Style from 8 available styles.

This allows you to choose any Category Screen Style from 5 available styles.

This option allows you to display or hide the “Cart”.

Here you need to place the URL of your business website.

Here you ought to place a specific currency symbol that you deal in.

This option allows you to tag your new arrivals as “New Product” for as many days as you select this option.

This option allows you to place a filter of maximum price so that the products falling within this certain range show on your site page.

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