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In this section, you can add all of your products one by one.

Here is the listing page of your all products.


By clicking on the “Add New” option, start adding as many products as you like by entering each product’s details separately and individually.

Note: Before adding products, make sure that you have already uploaded all the relevant media files to the media section or else you will not be able to upload images directly from your computer’s hard drive.

In the below-given link, fill each section with care one by one.


Product Type: There are further 3 types of products i.e Simple, Variable, External.

Simple: Select this type for simple products for example if you are selling 10 toy cars that are identical in size shape colour etc.

Variable: This type is meant for variable products i.e if you are selling a certain type of T.shirt that has different variants that differ in colour, size, shape etc.

External: This type represents that type link of which is taken from some other store and you want to display it on your website as well.

Manufacturer: Select here the specific predefined manufacturer of a certain product that actually manufactured the product. For instance, you may have some Levis articles displayed on your website. So choose the manufacturer accordingly.

Category: Here check the category in which a certain product falls. I.e this may fall under jeans or Snickers.

Is Feature. Select whether the product is featured or not.

Status: Select the status whether the product is actively ready for sold or is dormant at the current time.

Product Price: Mention here the selling price of the product at which you are offering a certain product.

Tax Class: Here select the certain tax class under which the product falls. For instance, a beer can may fall under the alcoholic class, a bar of chocolate may fall under the edible tax class.

Min Order Limit: Here you can set a minimum number to be ordered for a certain product. For instance, there might be some products in batches that you do not sell in single pieces.

Max Order Limit: Here you can set a maximum order limit.

Product Weight: Mention here clearly the weight of the product in mere grams or kilograms.

Product Model: Mention here the product model number that you have assigned to each product separately. For instance, BMH109 for a certain T.shirt.

Image: In the image section, add a clear image of the product that is identical to the actual product.

Flash Sale: Select yes if this certain product is to be shown in the flash sale, otherwise select no.

Special: Choose yes if a certain product belongs to a deal or offer otherwise select no.

Product Name: Mention here the product name in English and all other languages that you have selected in relevant columns.

Description: Briefly define here the product with some of the details that you feel necessary to be mentioned here.

Left Banner: Through here add the banner that you want to be displayed on the left side. I.e the banners that are displayed to highlight some flash sales etc. Also clearly mention the starting and closing date of the banners.

Right Banner: Here upload the image of the right banner along with the starting and ending dates to specify the time span for which you want a certain banner to be displayed.

Click on save and continue and you are all done with adding a product.

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