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Alert Settings

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These settings are related to sending and receiving alerts when you execute some certain act. I.e

1. Create customer welcome email: This intimates the customer through email as welcome note.

2. Create customer welcome notification: By selecting this option, the customer is intimated through a notification.

3. Order email: By selecting this option, the customer would be notified through email on placing an order.

4. Order notification: This would be an intimation through notification on placement of order.

5. Order status email: This email would intimate the customer about the status of the order placed.

6.Order status notification: This option would intimate the customer through a notification. 

7. New product email: This would be an intimation through email when a new product is added to your store.

8. New product notification: This intimation would be sent through a notification on addition of new product in store.

9. Forgot password: This intimation would be sent when the customer login password is forgotten.

10. Adding news email: An email would be sent when you add a news to news section.

11. Adding news notification: This intimation would be made through a notification when some news is added to the news section. 

12. Email contact us: An email would be sent when the customer click on the contact us option.

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