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Language Settings & Website Labels Translation

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Language Settings:

From this URL you can add language in the website. 

  1. Click on the plus sign in front of the Language heading. 
  2. Name: Add the name of the language that you want to add on the website
  3. Direction: Select the direction of the language how you want to present on the website RTL/LTR
  4. Code: Define a certain ISO Language code that is assigned to every language. i.e fr
  5. Directory : Select the directory for your language. 
  6. You can also Edit/Remove the language from these settings once you have added the language.  

Inorder to change the existing content on the website you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

Website Labels Translation:

  1.  Now go to /resources/lang folder and copy en folder and paste it with new name i.e ‘fr’
  2.  Folder have multiple files. Open website.php in any editor and change labels as per your needs.
  3. Save File.
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