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The categories section allows you to create categories for your eCommerce store. For instance, if you run a clothing store, you may need to add categories like Men’s Clothing, Women, Kids etc.

Categories Listing page Link

By clicking on Add New, you can add your defined category.

Fill the above-given columns correctly and a new category would be generated.

Step 1) Category: This is the primary name that you need to assign to a certain category. For instance, this might be kids clothing, Men’s suiting etc.

Step 2) Name: Assign here the name that you want for the subcategory i.e, jeans, shoes, scarf etc.

Step 3) Image: Assign an image that better reflects the class or type of the category.

Step 4) Icon: Add an additional icon that further elaborates the category.

Step 5) Status: Set the status as active or inactive as there might be times.

when you are not selling some specific item that you were selling previously. In this scenario, set the active status for those which are actively being sold.

Finally, click on submit and you will be done with a new category addition.


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