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These are the incentive coupons that are offered to the customers. Customize all your coupon related settings here. Click on the add new option and following window will pop up. 

Coupon: place the coupon code that you have assigned to a certain coupon.

Description: describe briefly about the coupon.

Discount type: Select here the discount type which under which this certain coupon falls.

Coupon amount: select here the amount upto which the coupon would bring benefit or discount to the customer i.e 200 300 500 etc.

Allow free shipping: check this box if the coupon also includes free shipping to the client’s destination.

Coupon expiry date: A coupon is supposed to stand valid until a certain time. Mention here the expiry date after which the coupon will stand invalid.

Minimum spend: set here the limit of minimum amount spending after which the coupon would be applicable. 

Maximum spend: set here the maximum amount of shopping when using the coupon.

Individual use only: if the coupon is supposed to be used individually and not along with other incentives, check this box.

Exclude sale items: check this box if you do not want this coupon to be used while purchase of sale items.

Products: mention here the list of products for purchase of which this certain coupon might be used. 

Exclude products: mention the products which cannot be purchased under this certain coupon.

Categories: List of categories on which the coupon applies.

Exclude Categories: Exclude all categories that you do not want to be used for this coupon.

Email restrictions: List of all those email addresses that can use this coupon. Other than the listed email addresses will not be able to use this coupon.

Usage limit per coupon: set here the usage limit, i.e how many times a single coupon might be used. 

Usage limit per user: set limit for how many times a single user may use the same coupon.

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