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Ionic Installation

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Ionic Source Code Setup

Open the folder name (App Source Code) inside the downloaded package.

Inside the folder you will find all the ionic application source code zip file.

Open your project folder and open file “ config.xml“. This file has all the configuration that is used to build your apk and ipa file.

App id inside widget tag contains package name of the application that must be unique for every application in the world and the other one is your application name that will be shown when application is installed.

Now open project folder/src/providers/config.service.ts file and change the application url, consumer-key and consumer-secret.

  • http://your-site-url
  • your-consumer-key.
  • your-consumer-secret.

You can get the credentials from Admin panel -> Setting (Application) -> Application API it will be the URL of your domain. It will load CMS products data into your application.

⦁ Go to Admin Panel > Settings(Application) > Application API
⦁ Click Generate to create your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
⦁ Copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
⦁ Place this key in your config.service.ts file.

⦁ Place this consumer key & Secret in your config.service.ts file

Now we are ready to go further.


Test Application

Now you can test the application in your ionic development environment.

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